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your reading was truly amazing. I absolutely love your
writing and tarot reading style! I have never received
a reading that was not in person, so I was wondering
how well it would work via email, but I was incredibly
impressed by you! everything resonated so strongly for me.
you word things in a really beautiful and wise way,
and I am definitely going to be getting more readings
from you in the future. // e.q

o. m. g. I have been resurrected! I'm absolutely floored.
you have brought me to tears! of course, without surprise,
once again you hit the nail on the head even more so
than I even knew or could imagine. I am so grateful for your
healing magic! I feel so seen and empowered. //†a.b.

I was genuinely so amazed by how thoughtful my reading
was and how much I felt really compelled by what you were
telling me. combing through it again and feel so grateful
to have done this with you. //†s.s.

thank you so much for the reading! itís very insightful!
Iíve been having a really difficult time accepting my own
gut feelings lately and this definitely makes me feel
a lot better about trusting myself. //†s.h.

I feel really uplifted after my reading. everything resonated
in a very powerful and direct way and I can tell from the way
you write and interpret you put a lot of heart, emotion,
and poetry into your work. //†h.m.

seriously so blown away with your level of care and detail. // x.v.